Delivered Package Theft

As you’d expect this time of year, it’s common for thieves to swing through a neighborhood looking for packages on front porches.  Our neighborhood is no exception.  A lot of traffic passes through our neighborhood, going to or from the neighborhood behind us, or people looking to shortcut the interurban trail.  As a result, it’s important to be vigilant.

Keep your eyes out for people removing packages from doorsteps if they don’t then go into the house, and report any suspicious activity to the police by dialing 9-1-1.  If possible, take a photo of the activity, but if that’s not possible, try to give a physical description of the person, and any vehicle they may use.  In any case, do not put yourself at risk.  The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office does not recommend that you intervene.  It’s entirely possible that the thief is armed, and you shouldn’t risk your life over your neighbor’s new Kindle.

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  1. Yvonne Perry said

    I live in the townhouses on 126 pl se and today my partner saw a white van with DJ ?? on the side driving around our neighborhood. There were 3 men in it and one was soliciting and knocking on doors. He did not get a license plate number. when he came out they got in their van quickly and drove away. I did make my partner aware he should get all the info possible so we can to report it to 911. He is home during the day so he can see these things better than some of us who work days. Do I post this on this website or the Crossings webpage? Do you suggest calling 911 even if its not an actual emergency?

    • When you observe suspicious activity, ABSOLUTELY call 911. The person who takes your call will know from your conversation whether it’s an emergency, and your call will prioritized appropriately. Do not be concerned that you’re preventing someone else from having the police help them. Everything is prioritized, and more urgent needs are addressed by deputies first. Your report may help identify a pattern of behavior, or may be that last piece of information that leads to an arrest.

      Most cases aren’t broken open by any one thing, but by a multitude of puzzle pieces coming together. Make sure you put your puzzle pieces on the table. 🙂

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