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Blue/White Ford Pickup Doing Suspicious Things

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February 14, a homeowner in the 6800 block of 154th St SE in Gold Creek, arrived home at 6:25pm to find an older model (late 70’s, early 80’s) two toned blue and white Ford pickup blocking her driveway. She shined her high beams and saw a platinum blonde white female in her 20’s sitting in the middle of the front bench seat. The driver’s door was open. A white male, also in his 20’s, with short blond hair, ran from the driveway, jumped into the driver’s seat and “took off like a bat out of hell.” While the homeowner was unable to take down the license plate, she did note that the rear of the truck had illuminated amber lighting.

The homeowner assumed that the suspects were casing her house.

If you see this vehicle, or any other suspicious activity, call 911 immediately.


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Update from SCSO

I received this update from the SCSO yesterday, along with the Jan/Feb Newsletter.

Reminder: The SCSO is hosting a meeting tomorrow night, 2/7 @ 6:30 in the Mariner High School theater to discuss the recent rise in burglary in South Snohomish County.  I’ll post a write-up afterward for those that are unable to attend.

Greetings to our partners in crime prevention,

Burglaries are up in some areas of the county, so now is a good time to review burglary prevention basics with your Neighborhood Watch groups:

  • Are your exterior doors and windows well secured?
  • Is the exterior of your home well lit, and are trees and shrubs trimmed, so that burglars have nowhere to hide?
  • Have you considered installing a good, loud alarm system in your home?  Many are now available at a very reasonable price.
  • Have you made a complete inventory of your belongings, including photos and serial numbers, and stored it in a safe place?
  • Are you keeping an eye on your neighborhood and calling 9-1-1 if you see something suspicious?

Attached is the latest edition of our Partners in Crime Prevention newsletter.   You’ll find many good tips to get you thinking about ways to make your home a harder target for burglars.  You can also visit the Sheriff’s website at for crime prevention tip sheets and archived editions of our newsletter.  Feel free to print and share any information you find useful.

As always, thanks go to long-time Neighborhood Watch captain Steve Moller for writing this newsletter; it wouldn’t get done without him!

Newsletter-January-February 2012

Ann Gifford
Director of Community Partnerships
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office
Integrity – Dignity – Commitment – Pride

Be safe,

The Crossing @ North Creek Neighborhood Watch

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