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Be On The Lookout For These Burglars

Property crime detectives are looking for the burglars depicted in the attached composite sketches.

The first composite (#0284) is a burglar who on 7/19, about noon, forced his way into an occupied residence on Serene Way in Lynnwood.  Two residents confronted him and he quickly ran out from the rear patio door.  The witnesses said he had a full right arm sleeve tattoo that was of unknown design but blue in color.  He had slight acne on his upper facial cheeks and a several days growth of whiskers.  Additionally, his upper front tooth was crooked. He was wearing a blue/white baseball style cap, white (crew neck) tee shirt and blue jeans.

The other two (#0285 and #0286) composites are a male and female residential burglary team.  The male breaks into the rear of the residence while the female driver remains inside the suspect vehicle (silver, late 90’s Mitsubishi Eclipse) that is parked in the victim’s driveway.  The latest burglary by this duo occurred on 7/20 at about 5:45 p.m. in a multi-apartment complex located on Admiralty Way in Lynnwood.

If you see any of these suspects, IMMEDIATELY call 911!  Don’t attempt to confront or detain them.  Observe from a safe distance and be a good witness.  If possible, write down information such as license plate numbers or other identifying vehicle marks, decals, etc.  Notice what they are wearing at the time. If they leave the area, make note of their direction of travel.


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