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Burglary; Package Theft

From the South SnoCo Crime Watch Hot Sheet:

On December 5, a homeowner, in the 1500 block of 81st Pl SE (North of the Everett Mall), arrived home in the afternoon and noticed that a light she had turned off in the morning was turned on. The homeowner contacted a neighbor for help. They checked the exterior of the house and did not see any signs of forced entry. The neighbor called 911.

Everett Police Department officers arrived at the house. After making announcements for anyone inside to come out, they searched the residence. They found a male hiding in an upstairs bedroom. He told the officers that a female, who he claimed was still in the house, let him in. Officers with a K-9 searched the house again, but found no one else in the house. The male was arrested and booked into the Snohomish County jail for burglary.

Note: It can be unnerving to think that a stranger is in your own home. This homeowner did take the right actions to handle this situation. When she discovered that something was not right in her home, she did not enter the home. She protected her own safety by staying out of the house. Then, she contacted a neighbor for help. They checked things out to gather more information without endangering themselves. Then they called for police to handle the heavy work of searching inside the house. For police and hopefully for the homeowner, this was a good day. No one was hurt, even the suspect, and the police apprehended a suspect in the act and chauffeured him to the “gray bar hotel.”

This is a great example of what to do when something isn’t right.  Don’t put yourself at risk.  If your instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them.  It’s better to call police, and have it turn out to be nothing, than to ignore your instincts, enter the house, and potentially get attacked.  Our instincts are the result of a long history of self-preservation – trust them!

Also from the South SnoCo Crime Watch Hot Sheet:

While I have not heard of reports of package theft so far during this holiday season in South Snohomish County, the following two items show that it is going on in our region:

  • According to the Seattle Police Blotter, on December 7, a white Toyota van was associated with four suspects stealing packages from front porches in West Seattle. One victim called 911 at around 11:43am, to report that a male suspect had just stolen a package from her front porch and entered a white Toyota van. Later in the day, around 3:30pm, another homeowner reported a package stolen from their front porch. This time a female suspect was seen stealing the package and getting into a white Toyota van. Minutes after the second report, an officer spotted the suspect vehicle. Four suspects, 3 males and 1 female were arrested. SPD Blotter-
  • KING 5 TV reported that a package thief took Christmas gifts that had been left at a Renton home by Federal Express and left empty boxes in their place. The homeowner reviewed video from the cameras in the front of her house and called 911. The video revealed a white SUV backed up to the front of the house with the driver’s side door open. A male, wearing blue jeans, a blue coat and and hat, made his way around the back of the SUV. Renton police are looking for this suspect. KING 5 TV-

Note: To prevent delivered packages from being stolen, try these actions:

  • Have the package delivered to a trusted neighbor who is usually at home or have them pick up the package as soon as it is delivered from your house.
  • Have the package placed on your back porch by the delivery driver.
  • If possible, have the package delivered to your work.
  • Encourage your neighbors to watch for suspicious people in your neighborhood and to watch for vehicles that seem to be following a UPS, FEDEX, or postal vehicle. If they see anything suspicious have them call 911.
  • Track your package delivery online. This way you will know when your package was delivered

To add to the list of suggestions, if possible, contact the shipper when placing your order and ask them to ship your order with signature required.Your Board of Directors works hard to make our neighborhood as safe as possible.  Here are some of the details:

  • A security patrol company will begin serving the neighborhood soon, which should help deter crime in our community.  (This is part of what drove the $2 increase in your monthly assessments for 2013)
  • We recently had a heavy duty fence installed to close off the path through the trees in the northeast corner of the development, where we have seen empty shipping boxes, presumably the result of package theft.
  • We are working with the county to clear brush and repair fencing along the interurban trail, another common access point into our neighborhood

No measure makes a neighborhood completely secure however, and the best way to prevent crime continues to be for each homeowner to remain vigilant.  If you see suspicious activity, dial 911 and inform the operator on the other end that you have a non-emergency, and are reporting suspicious activity.  They will route your call appropriately.  If you see a crime in progress, dial 911 immediately – this IS an emergency – especially if life or property are at risk.  Make some simple modifications to your home to make it more secure.  If we all make ourselves less appealing targets, then our neighborhood as a whole becomes a less appealing target, and criminals will simply move somewhere else, leaving us alone.Be safe, folks.


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